Dry Cast Concrete method is used for the manufacturing of Hollow Blocks with 4 cavities using variotronic compaction which is the patented system involving state of the art vibration coupled with the compaction.
Concrete Blocks can be used for all the types of construction whether residential or commercial, both for interior and exterior applications.

DIMENSIONS 400*200*200mm 400*200*150mm 400*200*100mm
Strength 7.5 - 9.5 N/mm2 7.5 - 9.5 N/mm2 7.5 - 9.5 N/mm2
Weight 19.5 Kg. 15.5 Kg. 10 Kg.
Density 1150 Kg/cu m 1120 Kg/cu m 1090 Kg/cu m
Fire Resistance 4 hours 4 hours 3 hours
Sound Insulation 48 db 48 db 45 db


Strength and durability are the special characteristics of solid concrete blocks.As a core building material, it has stood the test of time and is now meeting the needs of the modern designers.Solid Blocks are ideal for the structural application like foundation, load bearings walls & structures.
Concrete Blocks can be used for all the types of construction whether residential or commercial, both for interior and exterior applications.

DIMENSIONS 400*200*100mm
Strength 25 - 30 N/mm2
Weight 16.5 Kg.
Density 2000 Kg/cu m
Fire Resistance 2 hours
Sound Insulation 45 db


Normally, one either has pavers with good finish or pavers with good Strength. From DYNAMIC, you will get pavers with both highest Strength and aesthetic finish. Dynamic products comply with ISI standards and resemble best quality. From the toughest application of infra structural applications like Roads and Highways, Ports, Container Yards, Warehouses, industrial application, etc on the one hand, to the value added paving surfaces for internal roads of real estate developments to all sorts of hard surfaces on the other, the high strength pavers offers excellent options in terms of strength, shape, size and color.

THICKNESS 80mm 100mm


  • Very even efflorescence free looks and sharp colours.
  • Exciting combinations with coloured aggregates possible
  • Antique finish and effect
  • Anti-Skid Surface
  • Ready to use surface
  • Enables very even Coating

DIMENSIONS 200 * 100 mm
Thickness 80 & 100 mm


Cost Saving

Dynamic Block is Lighter in Weight as compare to 10 Bricks, hence it reduces the dead Load of Building which in turn helps in saving steel & concrete, Mortar used in block is also very less. Hence, its "COST SAVING".

Faster Construction

Being Bigger in size efficiency and accuracy of work increase

Fire Resistant

Blocks are fire resistant as Blocks are made of Concrete and hollow in nature and never dwells fire to Adjacent Buildings.

Carpet Area increases

Dynamic Block can repiace 9 inch brick to 6 inch block. These have excellent accuracy and thereby reduces piaster thickness to minimum. Being usage of Dynamic Block resuits in Carpet Area increase of up-to 2%.

Earthquake Resistant

The Light Weight of Dynamic Block leads into higher steadiness of the block in the structure of the buildings. As Impact of the earthquake is directly proportional to the weight of the Building. Construction with Dynamic Blocks is more Reliable and Safer.

Long Lasting

Strength 7 .5 To 9.5n/ Acc. to ls Standards, ls Code 2185 Part -1 Best Strength And Long Lasting used for Structure Resistance .

Pest Resistant

With concrete block wall construction and finished which bond to the wall there are fewer cavities for insects or rodents to dwell in. Termites and do not eat or nest in Dynamic Blocks.

Sound Insulation

Hollow cavities in dynamic block helps in reducing sound BEST db STC (Sound Transmission Class).

Thermal Insulation

The air in hollow of the blocks being a bad personconductor does not allow outside heat or cold to pass. So it keeps cool in summer and warm in winter. This mantains temperature and save electricity.

Water Saver

Dynamic Block consumes Less water(because made of full concrete). Dynamic block is water saver.

Mortar Saving

Dynamic Block saves mortar due to bigger in size and its uniformity. It saves 9 times of mortaras compared to bricks.

No Effiorescence

To Produce Dynamic Block, Use Fly Ash Waste materials. Dynamic Block are resistant from effiorescence.


Light in Weight, Easy to use, Cut and Drill in the Walls with the help of cutting Tools.

Environmentally Friendly

Fly Ash used as one of the raw material in Dynamic Blocks. Fly Ash is Waste Material being byproduct of coal tires as in case of Thermal plant. It's also Non Toxic.

Moisture Resistance

Moisture from both external and internal sources can cause damage to buildings. External moisture sources include rain and water from the soil. Internal moisture, usually in the form of humidity, can cause condensation on the surface of the walls as well as condensation inside the walls itself. Blocks being hollow, absorption of water in Dynamic Blocks is minimal.